As a boutique owner & stylist I could retire in the lap of luxury if I had a nickel for how many times I get asked this question.

Here is some of my best shoe advice:

1. Nude shoes are a must have in every woman’s closet: They elongate the legs and go with pretty much any color dress. If you do not own a pair of nude pumps or peep toes, buy a pair. You will love them.
2. If you are doing a blinged out dress, you need to wear a more simple matte shoe.
3. If you are wearing a matte dress you can do a sparkly or blingy shoe.
4. Don’t do a blinged out shoe with a bedazzled dress unless you’re a drag queen. One statement piece at a time.
5. Silver and gold shoes are for gowns and formal attire only. Please do not ever wear a more casual dress with a pair of silver or gold shoes. It is a huge fashion no. It’s almost as bad as wearing socks with sandals lol.

Hope this has helped clarify some simple shoe etiquette. Til next time fashionistas!!


Cat Hutton