One of the best things about dressing Jenni for any event is that she is not a slave to labels. If she likes it, and it fits her well, she never gets caught up in “who designed it?” I think it is part of what makes Jenni so real and down to earth. For the One Life To Live Premiere I put Jenni in Jovani, and I don’t even know if she was aware, lol. We were at my shop one day putting gowns on her for upcoming events, and Jenni said “I like this” paying no mind to the label. Suffice it to say, it fit her legit like a glove, not a single alteration needed and she was divine. Black jersey knit with illusion netting and delicate threading of hot pink in all the right places made this a real “stand out”. We paired this dress with just a pair of earrings, and allowed her beautiful bone structure to show with no necklace. Her hair swept off to the side in an updo was all the finishing touch needed for this look. Perfection.


Cat Hutton