I have been following fashion trends for over 30 years now and always found a woman in a tuxedo, or an article of mens clothing to be very sexy. Like when Sharon Stone wore her husbands shirt with a long skirt to the Oscars in 1998, or when Celine Dion wore a really cool spin on a tux jacket worn backwards to show her beautiful back at the 1999 Oscars. When I found out I would be dressing Jenni for NYC Pride Parade where she partnered with GLADD as their first Spirit Day Ambassador I knew instantly I wanted her in a tux. I called my good friend and assocaite Steve from Chazmatazz Formalwear as I knew he could give Jenni the jacket fit I was looking for, and naturally he delivered. When he handed the jacket over to me all hell broke loose as I started changing buttons, adding bling, etc etc. It was a blast! I paired the tux with a pink floral fitted corset top, and the final look was even more amazing then what I had envisioned in my mind. Jenni looked sexy, fun, & elegant, as her smile dazzled the crowds at the parade. It was evident she was representing a cause so near and dear to her heart! Subliminal message ladies, do not be afraid to raid your mans closet for a fun look. Experiment and let your creative juices flow….Til Next time lovies..

Cat Hutton

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