I love writing for Jenni’s site every week, and share with all of you why I dressed Jenni a certain way for a certain event and so on. Many times I do read the comments that are left and I see you all want some baby bump. Well here it is, in all its glory, perfect and round, Jennis daughters “first appearance” if you will. I dress a lot of women, A LOT. Not many have looked this small at almost 7 months pregnant!! She wears her bump well, and she wears her bump proud. And yes, those jeans, are maternity jeans, big ole stretch waistband (yes I giggled the first time I saw her in them) but none the less Jenni looks amazing in her jeans white tee and jacket, rockin a pair of maroon pumps. I think it is important for pregnant women to keep a bit of their signature look into their pregnancies. Whatever that may be for you. Big Bold earrings, fun chunky bracelets, scarves are always a great go to, and naturally shoes. ‘Til next time fashion divas!


Cat Hutton