The Best Style advice I will ever give, don’t ever leave the house without…


This is a tough one, for many of us I know, but I speak from years of experience when I say there is nothing more stunning on a woman than confidence. It is easier to attain than you may realize. If you have grown up with self doubt and insecurity it is never to late to change. Make a decision to be confident. Decide to love yourself, regardless of weight, height, hair color, face structure etc. Love yourself. Be kinder to yourself. And wear your confidence like a badge of honor. We are all unique, all “one of a kinds” if you will, and that make us all special. There ia no one else exaltly like us so we are a brand new persona to every person we meet. Celebrate that, and walk out the door every single day with your head held high feeling good about who you are and how you look. Try it for a week, then a month. Practice it and preach it to yourself until it becomes a true part of your essence. I promise you it will change your life.


Cat Hutton