Looking for a fun, easy, & handy way to spruce up your wardrobe? Maybe you are heading to the club with your gal pals, or perhaps you are having drinks with some hottie you’ve had your eye on and want to get your hands on as well!! Sexify your wardrobe by going through your lingere, and finding pieces you can wear out!! Who could ever forget the image of Madonna in her corsets & pearls, so damn sexy (I am dating myself here, we are in the age of Lady GaGa)! Anyways, back to my point….sexy corsets, little teddis, baby doll silkys, pair them with some jeans, a blazer and some funky jewelry and girl, you have yourself a chic, unique and sexy look. These looks are not for the meek and the shy, but for the sex vixen, who is comfortable in her skin, and will walk around and strut her stuff like the DIVA she is. Go for it ladies! Try it out this summer, and you may find wearing your bustiers out in public will amp up your sex life!!

Cat Hutton