Never has there been a bigger array of accessories at our finger tips. Fab fashion jewelry, shoes, belts & scarves are a great way to bring your outfit from drab to fab. These pieces are also instrumental for sprucing up your wardrobe on a budget. Treat yourself to a few new pieces for this summer. And keep these things in mind…..

1. One big statement piece at a time.
2. If you are doing a big bold necklace keep your earrings smaller.
3. If you are wearing an outfit with earth tones, bring some color to it with a turquoise necklace and earrings.
4. Bold colors look great against earthy shades of browns and taupes.
5. If you are wearing a black dress to a party, do a pair of red shoes with a red bag.
6. Have a daytime date at a restaurant by the beach? Wear a hat and a pair of sunglasses.

Use your imagination, look thru magazines to get some ideas, have fun, be creative and let your fashionista juices flow. And always wear your best accessory….your smile.


Cat Hutton