Never has fashion been more versatile than it is now. With inspiring looks from the 20’s to the 90’s, there are so many fabulous looks to choose from. You are guaranteed to look your summer best if you are comfortable in what you are wearing! When you feel good, you look good, so stray away from a look that may be trendy but may not be “you”.

Hot Summer Looks:

Floral: A whimsical floral dress for an evening out is fabulous. Or how about a floral crop top as belly bearing crops huge this summer.

Metallics & Bling: Don’t be afraid to shine in the evening especially if you are “clubbin it”

Pretty in pink: One of the hottest colors for summer 2014 is pink. I personally love pink and wish more women would experiment with it. It is a feminine beautiful color, and there are so many shades.

Try something new this summer! Dare yourself to be different, have fun & be fabulous!!


Cat Hutton