I can finally say my best friend is pregnant!!!!!!!! Nikky Polizzi aka Snooki and I can now get fat together and talk shit about how awful pregnancy is in the summer. I couldn’t be happier for her and Jionni LaValle!!

I have seriously always wanted to be pregnant with Nicole because she has done it before and has been so good about giving me advice and helping me through my journey so far!!!

To all those haters who think she’s trying to outshine me, you are crazy!!! This honestly couldn’t have come at a better time and I am beyond excited to experience this all with my best friend!!! We will always support each other no matter what!! She is like a sister to me and I am so lucky to have her in my life as a positive force, best friend, and a huge part of my growing family!! Love you to a million pieces and I can’t wait for our kids to have playdates with one another in the future!!! XOXO