Hey booboos!! I’m here with another clean cooking video with Joey! This week we are making homemade chicken veggie soup! This is my favorite thing to make in the winter, because of the weather here! There’s nothing like a good healthy soup for you and this one is perfect to make a lot of because it lasts a couple days! Plus, it’s a good soup for helping with weight loss! Let me know if you guys tried it out and enjoyed it! XOXO

2 packages boneless skinless chicken breasts
3 large Swanson broth low sodium
5 cups water
1 box of quinoa
Hot sauce
bag of mini carrots
2 stocks of celery
2 sweet onions
Sazon seasoning

Grill chicken on stove until fully cooked
Cut all veggies
In a large pot add broth, water, quinoa, seasoning and veggies until boil
Add chicken cut up
Eat and store the rest