Hey booboos!!! Valentine’s Day is Friday and I know you all will be eating chocolate, cookies, cakes and filling up on those yummy sweets! And I don’t blame you, it’s Valentine’s Day so it’s okay to be a little crazy with those tasty desserts! But in the meantime, I’m gonna give you a recipe to help you stay healthy until the big day! This is perfect for lunch together or as separate snacks! The avocado bowl is my favorite because it is a no carb meal that is full of protein and delish!

Orange Fruit Bowl Recipe:
-Peeled apple

Cut orange in half and gut the inside.
Cut up fruit and fill both sides of the orange

Avocado bowl Recipe:
-Can of albacore tuna
-2 tbs Chobani Plain Greek yogurt
-1 Tsp mustard
-dash of sea salt & pepper

Remove avocado skin and cut in half removing seed
Mix other ingredients together and scoop into avocado
Top off the tuna with diced tomatoes onions and pepper

So delish!! If you want, you can even make it for your Valentine and do a little picnic! You can’t go wrong with this healthy and filling dish!!! XOXO