Hey guys!! I recently came across this article on BuzzFeed, with some pregnancy tips and I absolutely love it! Reading this has really helped me out throughout my first trimester and I hope all my expectant mommy’s that are reading this can benefit from it as well! I’ll be posting my own personal list next week, so make sure to check back!!! xoxo

1. Coconut, coconut, coconut.
2. Invest in lots of ginger Altoids.
3. Learn how to dress.
4. Get a Bellaband.
5. Find creative ways to stay hydrated.
6. Check your skin care.
7. Buy a maternity pillow.
8. Keep a dream journal.
9. Get prenatal massages.
10. Always be prepared to barf.
11. Try Tai Chi.
12. Get the Baby Bargains book.
13. Take a hard look at your shoes.
14. Consider Acupuncture
15. Think about your bras.
16. Look into grocery delivery.
17. Rent a fetal Doppler.
18. Don’t give up those manicures.
19. Watch out for pregnancy books and websites.