Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Bestie!!!

Happy birthday to this ride-or-die boo @snookinic!! You may be small but you’re fiercely protective of everyone you love and I am so grateful that I am on your good side! Lol you are seriously like my little sister and it feels like we have been to the moon and... November 23, 2015 by
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Throwback Pics!

I may not be able to use Girlycurves waist trainer now but it doesn’t mean my non-pregnant babes can’t!! They have an AMAZING discount code for you to try: BlackFriday. Get it and get the bodies and curves you want! Thank me later!! November 23, 2015 by
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Our Silly Girl!

Our crazy little dancing machine! Love this girl so much! She is so silly and brings us so much happiness every single day. No idea how she grew up so fast… November 21, 2015 by

Mom Confession Time…

Check out this video to hear my mom confession about something that’s been bothering me with angel baby… All my moms out there, I need your advice or at least to know that I’m not the only one who’s dealt with this!! November 20, 2015 by