Adding More Energy With Lyfe Tea!!

I wouldn’t trade waking up every couple of hours with my little ones for anything but every mama needs more energy! Thanks to @lyfe_tea I am adding more energy to my routine and getting into the best shape of my life! Mama’s on a mission to trim down!... May 24, 2016 by
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Daddy Blog: I Will Not Fail Them

From Roger: Little man is officially 2 weeks old today and life is great. We just did a newborn-big sister photoshoot the other day and the pictures turned out great. Hard to beat a pic like that one above though. May 23, 2016 by

Responding to Judgy Moms…

I have a pretty thick skin but there’s something I can’t stand, which is when someone calls me out on how I parent/call me a bad mom! So Nicole and I are responding to all the haters out there in the new Awestruck video! Real moms get it so tell... May 20, 2016 by

Stepping Up My Smile Game!!

I couldn’t wait to use my @expresssmileatlanta teeth whitening kit. Stepping up my game to get in the best shape and look and feel better than ever, that means pearly whites too! Use code JWowwSmile to get your kit for only $25! May 20, 2016 by

#TheStruggleIsReal: Meilani’s Struggles

So in this edition of “The Struggle Is Real,” I’m trying to get into the head of my daughter and share what I think Meilani’s struggles are! She only speaks baby now but this is what I’m guessing is in her head right now… Let me know what you think... May 19, 2016 by